My name is Geoff and I am the owner of Prince Silver Seeds. Welcome and thank you for visiting! Here at Prince Silver Seeds, I sell only organically grown heirloom/ open pollinated varieties of vegetables with no hybrids or GMO (genetically modified) varieties. There are a couple of simple reasons why.

We have a great selection of tomatoes at Prince Silver!

First, heirloom/open pollinated varieties of vegetables are proven to be packed with more nutrients than hybrids and GMO’s. Second, but not any less important, is the flavor! Have you ever heard anyone say, after biting into a store-bought vegetable, that veggies just don’t taste like they used to? Store-bought vegetables taste like Styrofoam because they are often harvested green and then gassed with ripening hormones. Heirloom seeds have been passed down for generations for a reason. The best looking and best tasting fruits have been hand selected for, in some cases, hundreds of years and the seeds from those fruits have been handed down from family member to family member, which is where the term "heirloom" seeds came from.

So what is the difference between heirloom and open pollinated? To put it simply, every heirloom vegetable is open pollinated, but not every open pollinated variety is an "heirloom."

Our organic peppers at Prince Silver are perfect for your garden!

Going organic is becoming more and more popular. People are seeking out only organic vegetables and seeds, and for good reason. I am a firm believer that growing organic is the only way to grow. I do not believe that putting chemicals in the ground to help plants grow or spraying the plants with other chemicals to kill the bugs is good for our land or for our bodies when consuming the chemically-grown fruits. Due to the cost, my small company is not able to be "certified organic." Having said that, no chemicals, poisons, or pesticides are used for growing my plants. From food for the plants to any pest control that may be needed, I only use organic materials.

All seeds are hand selected from the best looking, best tasting fruits to ensure the best seeds are sold. If a fruit is less than perfect, it is eaten (because it is still delicious) but no seeds are saved from these less-than-perfect fruits to ensure that the next generation of plants have the best chance to produce the most desirable fruits.

Once again, thank you for visiting and HAPPY GROWING!!!

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